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You Work Too Hard to Lose Your Home...

You work too hard to lose your home or sign it away to a fast talking “home buyer.” You don’t only deserve better, you deserve the best. That’s why at HausAdvisors, we offer you peace-of-mind and freedom by simplifying your home selling process.

  • No stress
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If you’re thinking “I need to sell my house fast” and you want to do it on your terms and on your time without any frustrations or worries!

How We Can Help You From Start to Finish

As your neighbors and native Rhode Islanders, we’re simplifying your life’s most important transaction, selling your RI home, to 3 simple steps. Not only do we simplify your selling process, we help you relocate peacefully and stress-free!

We generously pay you $2,000 cash for your stress-free relocation in addition to getting the fairest cash price for your house.

Your peace-of-mind, comfort and freedom are our highest and top priorities.

Our mission as your trusted advisors is to enrich your life with the freedom to move peacefully; we’ve served a diverse group of clients in Rhode Island who have worked with us to make their move easier, but we’ve also helped them start new chapters of their lives.

Right now, we’re on a mission to serve 1,000 Rhode Island homeowners by 2019 to enrich their lives with the freedom to move peacefully and easily on their terms.


Pauline O: Real Estate Professional & Team Lead

“As a Providence community resident, a trusted advisor, and a real estate professional, I’m here to serve you, to help you through the most important transaction in your life with honesty, respect and world-class treatment.

We don’t just buy from you, we work with you as your trusted advisors from start to finish so now you can finally wake up feeling completely at peace every morning, knowing that the pressure and worrying about selling your home is COMPLETELY behind you. Knowing you are free!”

Join over 1,000 Rhode Island homeowners who we generously pay fair cash offers + we give $2,000 cash for stress-free moving.